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Are we listening to the ominous?

…The idea that the nature can speak back and we need to listen is likely to raise some questions. The proposition is objectionable to the modern mind. In our modern mentality, the thought that the microbes or nature for that matter can have consciousness is senseless. But not for French… Read More

“Truth wars” on social media and the ethicality of sharing

Mahmudul H Sumon Sharing news on social media is the newest and perhaps one of the fastest-growing “rituals” of the world thanks to the internet regime. When introduced to the internet nearly two decades ago, an academic relative in the US, whom we would otherwise consider progressive, surprised me once by… Read More

Our public universities

Mahmudul H Sumon Our public universities are mostly engaged in building buildings. I mean concrete buildings! Even when a simple structure such as a bus stop is built in our universities, we see structures and designs with an abundance of rod and cement. If you try to remember some of… Read More