The True Cost

The True Cost
Poster for the documentary The True Cost (2015).

Rebecca Prentice writes, “The moral force of The True Cost is correct, but on solutions it is desperately weak. We learn that today’s structure of corporate self-governance is inadequate to protect workers, and that consumer capitalism itself must be rethought. But as if to leaven such a heavy onus, viewers are assured that if consumers would only “care” a bit more, we have the power to change the entire system with our shopping habits. Do we really? It is this incoherency at the heart of neoliberal capitalism that this presentation fails to grapple with: that market-based problems are only ever answered with market-based solutions. Unless we figure out a better way to regulate global labor standards, the true cost of the garment industry will continue to be borne by workers and their communities.” Read more



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