Mahmudul Sumon

How long mundane statistics (of death, recovery, and spread of the virus) will keep us at home?

Who else is speaking?


He must have been having a great time now, writing and reminiscing on his work! The connection between COVID 19 and biopolitics was too obvious from the very beginning. What is new, however, is that I came to think about the first line when I was doing some cleaning work in the kitchen.

Our kitchen!

Perhaps, I was tired! Perhaps I was subconsciously thinking to escape from this reality.

Folks on the road have done it much before and for more real reasons! Calling them stupid is really a stupid thing that the media can stop!

People on the roads are just resisting bio-power. Remember Foucault said, where there is power, there is resistance!


Photo: The Triumph of Death, fresco, Palermo, Italy (artist unknown).


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